Deluxe Pack

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Your BeanBagglz Console
– Durable Design
– Light Weight ABS
– 4 Adjustable Steel Legs

Your Bagglz Boardz and Squarz
– Weather & Water Resistant
– Rigid PVC Core
– High-Gloss UV Coating

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Your Deluxe Pack Includes:

Bagglz Bowling
It’s a portable bowling alley. How many pins can you knock down in 10 frames?

Carnival Craze
Toss 5 bags and score the most points. First to 33 points wins.

Kiddo Kolumns
It’s modern day Tic-Tac-Toe but with beanbags. Connect three holes to win.

Poker Pass
Toss 5 beanbags and build your best poker hand. Can you get a Royal Flush?

Redneck Racin
Watch out for the flat tires, oil spills, out of gas, and crash. First to race around the track wins.

Deep Sea Diving
Watch out for the underwater dangers. The first to collect all four treasures wins.

Chess, Checker, Backgammon and 5 Dice
Get these Bagglz™ size game pieces designed specifically for your FREE Game Board. Your Set Includes Chess, Checker, Backgammon, 2 Colored Pairs of Dice, Doubling Cube and 4 Ziplock Bags. All pieces neatly store and organize in your console’s 4 hidden storage compartments.

Nylon Sport BeanBagglz Cinch Bag
Your stylish and durable carrying bag keeps your accessories safe and organized. It is the perfect size to hold additional Bagglz Squarz™ and 20 Triangle BeanBagglz™ Beanbags.

Bagglz Bewilderment
An easy to learn magic trick to fool and amaze your friends. Takes Minutes to Learn. No sleight-of-hand required.

Corn Cube
It’s just like cornhole, but with a cube. First to 33 points wins.

Bagglz Bullseye
A cross between darts and shuffleboard. First to 33 points wins.

Billiard Ballz Bagglz Squarz
A brand new beanbag tossing game experience unique to BeanBagglz. Perfect for the pool enthusiast. Your set includes 15 Baggle Squarz representing the 15 billiard balls. Now you can play over 10 brand new billiard games.

Football Frenzy
Toss 4 bags until you score a touchdown or field goal before you turn the ball over with a punt, interception, or fumble.

Beanbag Billiards
Now you have a portable pool table. Play over 13 different pool games such as 8-ball, straight pool, and even 9-ball.

BeanBagglz Travel Top
It’s your mobile table top and keeps your beanbags and Bagglz Squarz safely contained.

BeanBagglz Game Board
So large 4 players can play 2 different games at the same time.
(Bagglz size game pieces sold separately)

Billiard Ball Beanbags
A complete set of 15 Billiard Balls….but they are beanbags! Numbered 1-15, you can use these to play all 33 of our games.
Your beanbags made of durable polyester, fill is double-bagged for safety, and each bag is hand-sewn.

Game Guide Booklet
A beautiful 24 page full color booklet which illustrates 33 games you can play with BeanBagglz. Each month on our website, we will be releasing game variations you can play with your Bagglz Boardz and Bagglz Squarz. We have developed over 300 games you can play, so keep checking back.

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